The Mero Iran space frame system provides economical structures of high quality for the construction of large span buildings, requiring large unobstructed area of maximum amount of space and minimum interference from internal supports.

The unique feature of the Mero Iran space frame system is its innovative ball and tube joint design, which is very easy and fast to assemble on site. It consists of straight members interconnected by means of solid metal balls and joints made up of sleeves, cones and high tensile bolts. Each component used for the joint connection is prefabricated in our factory to high precision with stringent quality control.


All Mero Iran space frame structures are designed individually using advanced computer aided software. Each project is unique, requiring special design consideration.


The Mero Iran space frame system has the following features and benefits:


Capable of large column free spans reaching over 100 meters.
Pre-fabricated modular components that are precisely pre-engineered via computer design.       

Minimizing of on-site construction costs due to speed of erection. Lightweight, therefore substantial savings in columns and foundations.       

Flexibility of form; flat, curved, domes, barrel-vault, pyramid, parabolic, etc.       

Ease in fixation of false ceilings, light fixtures, air conditioning ducts, cabling, and catwalks.       

High tolerance in the event of earthquakes, as demonstrated in the recent Kyoto, Japan earthquake.       

Resistance to corrosion given that all components are galvanized and powder coated.       

Aesthetically attractive and can be fully chrome plated if desired.