Mero Iran was established in 1972 when it was granted an exclusive license by Mero Systems of West Germany, to fabricate and install the MERO building system, consisting of nodes and tubes (KK system). We were the very first country to be granted this license.

A modern and fully equipped factory was established in Ahwaz, Iran, to fabricate MERO components according to the standards of Mero Systems, Germany.

Founder of Mero Iran, Mr H. Rezazad, during construction of Boeing 747 hanger.

During the 1970's Mero Iran was extremely busy completing many significant projects successfully.

During the 1980's when business conditions were difficult Mero Iran was still able to meet its commitments and succeeded in completing the Boeing 747 hanger for Iran Air. This hanger is 92 meters by 85 meters.


Shown above is a 42 by 42 sq. meter sports hall Mero Iran completed prior to 1979.

We are proud to have completed our first overseas project in 2002, a 4,000 square meter space frame situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Today Mero Iran is extremely well positioned to compete on the international market place as our space frame technology is identical to the KK system being offered by Mero System of Germany.