Esfahan Airport. New International Terminal (6,000 square meters.)

Ahwaz Metro Maintance Yard (8,000 square meters)

Note that no purlins or purlin supports are being used as the top layer of the space frame has box elements allowing the cladding to sit directly on the space frame.

Tehran International Tower Canopy (1,300 sq. meters.)

Shahrood Cable Factory (20,000 sq. meters.)

Persian Gulf International Airport, Assaluyieh (8,000 sq. meters.)

Due to a short timetable this 8,000 square space frame and 89 columns were designed, fabricated, powder coated, and assembled in 142 days.

Boeing 747 Hangar. Tehran Airport (85m by 92m)

Built in 1979-1980 and still the largest freespan space frame in Iran.

Chamran University Sports Hall, Ahwaz (42m by 42m)

The second space frame built in Iran using the KK System. Still in very good condition.

Dubai Car Wash (4,000 sq. meters)

Grand Central Car Service Center. United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Jamkaran Railway Station Canopy (1,100 square meters)

Design, fabrication, powder coating of space frame and columns, and assembly. Completed August 2004

Other Completed Projects (20,000 sq. meters plus)

Kermanshah Textile Mill 11,000 sq.m. Tasha Machine Works. 7,000 sq.m. Ahwaz Airport. 1,200 sq. m. Torbat Haydari Rail St. 1,200 sq.m. Tabriz Swimming Pool. 1,000 sq.m. Mossallah Ahwaz. 2,500 sq.m. Izieh Mossallah. 2,500 sq.m.